Activities and trips around Art Hotel Kaštieľ **** Tomášov

Activities nearby

The surroundings of Tomášov offer many activities for day trips and experiences. During your stay we can recommend and provide the following activities, subject to availability. Whether you prefer experiences, trips to historical and cultural monuments, or family trips, we have the right activity for you!

For current events and trips throughout the Bratislava region, also follow the page Bratislava Region.


The surroundings of Tomášov are rich in sports or adventure activities.
You can experience an advent flight, a Tesla ride, a rafting trip on the Little Danube and much more during your stay in Tomášov.

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Aktivity v okolí
Activities nearby

With family

To provide our little guests with a unique experience, we have prepared a list of activities that you and your family should not overlook.
Your family is guaranteed to fall in love with Malkia Park with felines, swimming in Veľkobiel Lake or a walk on the footbridge in Zálesí.

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Trips around

For all lovers of travel, we have prepared a list of cultural and historical places that you should not miss.
The neighboring manor house and park in Malinov, the Bratislava mound of M. R. Štefánik or the water mill in Jelka should be removed from the list by every traveler.

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