Suitable venue for corporate events and conferences.

Corporate events

Family Day

Family Day

If you are interested in supporting the corporate culture and organizing a Family Day for your employees, we have a great option on how to thank them for a well-achieved goal, strengthen the culture as well as to get sympathies.

Corporate events

Team building

It’s all about team spirit

Art Hotel Kaštieľ is unique with its wide variety of stylish interior designs with the exact atmosphere that can stimulate strong emotions.

Corporate events

Staff training and conferences

Extensive solutions to staff training possibilities, congresses and conferences in the luxurious interiors

Art Hotel Kaštieľ is an ideal place for organizing a staff training or a conference for your employees and customers.

Corporate events

Corporate and product presentation

Present your products to your partners in our unique venue

Luxury for luxury. That i show we would call an offer for introducing your unique products in the stylish interior of the Art Hotel Kaštieľ.

Room capacities









Congress hall

-113 x 15 m195 m2300 pax100 pax60 pax160 pax200 pax

Jeszenak hall

19 x 11 m98 m290 pax60 pax40 pax70 pax70 pax

Strasser salon

16 x 5 m32 m28 pax10 pax10 pax

Dráškoczy salon

111 x 5 m55 m230 pax30 pax20 pax20 pax30 pax

Regnum Restaurant

018 x 5 m85 m220 pax30 pax40 pax

Courtyard with a tent

025 x 15 m375 m2300 pax200 pax100 pax200 pax300 pax

Wine Bar Sklep

-110 x 5m52 m220 pax20 pax
Amphitheaterthe park17 x 11 m180 m2160 pax


Our portfolio of regular customers includes large Slovak and foreign companies:


Corporate events