FootGolf course with 9 holes.


The FootGolf course located in the park surrounding Art Hotel Kaštieľ****, with its 9 holes is one of the first of its kind in Slovakia.

FootGolf is a new sport, which was created by connecting two most popular sports in the world: football (soccer) and golf. This sport is for everybody – no matter your age, gender or whether you have ever kicked a ball. The aim of the game is to place a ball in to the hole by the least number of kicks.

Price list

Adult (1 hour)

16 EUR*

Student (1 hour)

14 EUR*

Children from 6 to 14 years old (1 hour)

12 EUR*

Family – 2 adults and 2 children (1 hour)

55 EUR

Daily rent

800 EUR


*Renting a ball is included in the price. We can also provide a FootGolf marshal, which will show you the course and explain the rules of the game (reservation in advance is needed).

The FootGolf course is open every day. However, we recommend reservation in advance with our reception, please call +421 2 209 093 00 or write an email to recepcia@hotelkastiel.sk.



Basic rules of FootGolf

  1. Comply with the codex of clothing.
  2. Clearly mark your ball with a marker (if you will not use the balls supplied from us or already marked balls).
  3. Write down your score on the score card, where you can also mark other players from your flight.
  4. The game begins on the start of the hole n.1. Before the first kick, mark the name of the player on the score card and give it to the next player who will become the logger. The players begin according to the order of names in the alphabet. Next plays the player who scored the best on the previous hole.
  5. Always proceed with the game on the place, where the ball ended. You cannot move the ball or remove the natural obstacles. You can continue with the game only when the ball completely stops. It is not permitted to stop the ball that is moving or moved by the wind.
  6. Next plays the player, whose ball is the furthest of the hole.
  7. If the ball falls into the water, one penalty point will be recorded. The player can continue after picking the ball from water, two steps from the corner of the water tank in the direction of the hole. Let the player stretch his/her arms with the ball and let it go freely. Where the ball falls, that is the place where the player can continue.
  8. You are only allowed to move or clean the ball once in between the holes or after the end of the game.
  9. At the end of the game, the score will be noted and the winner is announced. Do not forget to sign your card after the end of the game and check of the results.
  10. FootGolf is a fair game – comply with the Fair Play rules and enjoy the game!