Duck and goose feast

In the autumn, food lovers have traditionally associated it with a pleasant sitting with a duck or goose. Therefore, we would like to invite you to our restaurant, where you can choose from a wide menu and treat with your taste bud. Enjoy a feast in the company of your family, friends or colleagues.

Feast like Baron Jeszenák in the manor house in Tomášov!

All meals are to order – reservation required min. 72 hours in advance through the reception of the manor (+421 2 209 093 00 or recepcia@hotelkastiel.sk).

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of specific dishes.

Cold appetizers:
100g Remy (French cognac, which flavors the appetizer) terrine of duck roasts with raisins and crémme fraiche with melon and port wine reduction, shallot relische (sweet and sour supplement), homemade walnut bread€ 10.20
100g Pasteurized goose foie gras served with bubbly, wild berry fruit, homemade blueberry syrup, decorated with beetroot leaves and marinated rape€ 11.95
0,3l Oxtail (strong broth) from pheasant with thyme, herb-corn dumplings, vegetables brunoise (vegetables into small cubes) and potato Julienne (potatoes on fine strips)€ 3.90
0,3l Pumpkin cream with crémme fraiche, pumpkin kernels, roasted garlic, pumpkin oil€ 3.80
Warm appetizers:
1kg Roasted fed goose liver (foie-gras) – 1kg / 10 people€ 80.00
1kg Roasted fed duck liver – 1kg / 10 people€ 80.00
Main courses:
1kg Duck breast prepared by Souse-vide method (long cooking in vacuum at low temperature) – 1kg / 4 people€ 50.00
3kg Duck roasted on apples and rosemary – 3kg / 4 people€ 40.00
1kg Preserved duck and goose thighs – 1kg / 2 axes€ 40.00
4.5kg Goose roasted on pears and thyme – 4kg / 6 people€ 50.00
100g Caramelized white cabbage€ 2.50
100g Red cabbage with apples€ 2.50
100g Sauerkraut€ 2.50
160g Chestnut dumplings€ 3.50
160g Potato dumplings€ 3.50
200g Mashed potatoes with bacon€ 3.50
70g Greasy loksha€ 1.20
40g / 1pc Minibanks / homemade wholemeal bread€ 0.70
100g Cheesecake with wild berries€ 5.00
100g Chestnut-apricot pie€ 5.00
150g / 2pcs lokša with apricot jam and nuts and plum jam with poppy seeds€ 4.00
100g Cottage cheese, walnut, apple strudel€ 5.00