Opened daily for both hotel and public guests

REGNUM restaurant

We promise you the experience in the form of a unique restaurant menu consisting of Pannonian dishes is prepared from the best monarchical specialties of Slovak, Hungarian, Austrian and Czech cuisine along with vintage white and red wines, primarily produced in Slovakia, and a dessert of aristocratic flavor!

The stylish restaurant REGNUM (“kingdom“), located beneath baroque arches and offering excellent Pannonian cuisine consisting of reputable and flavorful Slovak, Czech, Austrian and Hungarian culinary specialties, is a unique taste and aesthetic experience. Dishes of monarchical cuisine – attractive seasonal meals from fish, game, vegetables and gourds – await lovers of good food in the elegant atmosphere of centuries past as well as the present and make the local baroque garden one of the biggest attractions of the manor house.

Restaurant Regnum is part of the TOP 3 hotel restaurants in Slovakia and was awarded 2. place according to a renowned Slovak magazine GURMÁN in 2019.

Otváracie hodiny

Nedeľa/Sunday - Pondelok/Monday 11:30 – 20:00

Utorok/Tuesday - Sobota/Saturday: 11:30 - 21:00

*posledné objednávky sú možné 30 minút pred skončením otváracích hodín

*last orders are possible 30 minutes before closing the restaurant